Immigrant Visas & Non-Immigrant Visas

For over 24 years, Truscott Law has had a strong background and years of experience in assisting entrepreneurs, business owners, and foreign workers with obtaining a visa to come to the United States. In a competitive world of rapidly expanding international business, Truscott Law is able to assist international clients in establishing new businesses, making investments, and employing foreign citizens by providing applicable visas. Our attorney’s provide in-depth knowledge of immigration laws, comprehensive strategies, and over 20 years of legal experience to help our clients reach their immigration goals.

Visas for Business Owners, Investors, and Entrepreneurs

  •  Entrepreneur & Business Visas (E-2)
  • B-1 Visas (Temporary Business Visitor)
  • EB-5 Visas (Immigrant Investor Program)
  • L-1 Visas (Intracompany Transferee)
  • E-1 Visas (Treaty Traders Visas)

Non-Immigrant Visas

  • Work Visas (H-1B; H2-B; TN; R; H2-A)
  • Student Visas (F-1)
  • Trainee/Special Education Exchange Visitor (J-1; H-3)
  • Athlete (O; P)
  • Artist, Performer, Etc. (O; P)