Drug Charges Attorney In Boise, Idaho

If you get arrested on drug charges, call Truscott Law, PLLC, in Boise, Idaho. In the war on drugs, sometimes the liberties of the accused are not protected, as they need to be. Daniel Truscott will forcefully defend his clients on drug charges. With 24 year of experience, he will be your aggressive advocate in the criminal justice system and in the courts. He handles both felony and misdemeanor cases in both state and federal courts.

It is an offense to be in possession of any type of controlled substance and this is the most common drug charge filed. Besides possession, we have successfully represented clients against other drug charges, including drug trafficking, delivery, manufacturing, methamphetamines, conspiracy, cocaine, marijuana, prescription medications, paraphernalia, and others. With each client, he does his homework, organizes a rational case, and puts up a hard charging defense.